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How to find love when you are 50 and older in Germany

When you are over 50, and you are looking for opportunities for online dating and are you tired of being patronized with mobile phones with extra large buttons?

Then 50 plus dating sites like 50Liebe.de might be an ideal solution for you.

Try these excellent websites for finding love in Holland and Germany

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Why dating sites for mature people are better

It is well understood that older people or people over 50 do not necessarily know how a computer works, but that it is entirely possible that you are looking for a possibility to be able to date online without too much hassle and difficulties. 

It is for this reason that it is good that there are opportunities for people over 50 to search via the internet for a possible new or different partner, with which you can certainly be helped in the search for a more common day, just because it is already possible.

Through their unique and appropriate algorithm, you will only receive partner suggestions with which you can really make a match!


Mature dating


Traditional dating has given way to online dating: the latest technologies mean you no longer have to search for a suitable partner in the supermarket.

While all young singles are on dating apps like Tinder and Badoo, you’re looking for something different as an older single. When you get older it is after all much less about the appearance but you understand what it really is all about.

Because the 50+ single increasingly knows how to deal with the possibilities of the internet, the dating site for the elderly has also increased in popularity. There are even dating sites that focus entirely on the older single of 50 years and older. With multiple dating sites there is a choice, which one should you choose now?

Dating sites for the elderly

The dating sites that focus entirely on singles in old age can no longer be counted on one hand. All these dating sites are a useful tool to meet people in the same age category but there are indeed differences. These are the three main dating sites for singles older than 50.

For who is it?

As you can expect, the dating sites for seniors are not reserved for young people.

You will not encounter this on the dating site.

In general, the age is between 50 and 60 years but it is not strange that you encounter a single over 65 years, or something younger than 50 years.

Elderly and loneliness

Elderly datingResearch by Statistics Netherlands shows that older people are more often lonely than young people.

This is often because the older people miss something in the social contacts.

This can be too few contacts or a lack of emotional support.

There are more than 4.1 million people over 55 in the Netherlands. More than 1 million people feel lonely from this large group of people.

This does not get better when you get older.

Research by the Ouderenpanel shows that 74% of the lonely respondents indicate missing a good friend in life.

That is not surprising.

You come home alone, nobody you can talk to and you miss someone to cuddle.

Of the more than 2.9 million people over the age of 65, nearly 900,000 people feel lonely.

A dating site for the elderly counteracts this. Because you can easily and quickly make contact with others, you can lose your egg, but also have the conversations that you really can not find.

It is known that more than 40% of Dutch people feel lonely from the age of 50 onwards.

This is a high percentage where something can be done, the founders of the 50 plus dating site thought.

Why dating for the elderly?

Finding a partner via the internet is no longer strange. Almost everyone knows someone who has found a partner online.

It is not something to be ashamed of; half single The Netherlands is active on a dating site or app.

A dating app normally has the same functionalities as a dating site; you stay up to date faster and you do not miss any message or contact.

If you are not comfortable with the app then there is still the dating site that you can use.

What is meant by senior dating?

The websites that focus exclusively on the older lonely man or woman usually have a minimum age.

People who are younger are not admitted on the dating site, except for exceptions.

In a twenties you will not easily encounter so you only meet people of the same age.

The elderly is usually understood to be an age of 50 Plus.

For example, anyone who is 55, 65 or 75 years old can become a member on the dating site. It may seem that you exclude many people, but there is indeed a large group of singles in this age category.

Germany is aging and people are getting older.

This can be seen in the number of people with an age over 65.

For example, the Netherlands has 3.1 million people aged over 65 in early 2017 , of whom 0.7 million are over 80s.

The aging of the Netherlands does not stop and the share of older people aged 65 and older will grow rapidly in the coming years.

Which free elderly dating sites?

It does not matter how old you are; if you can date for free, why not do this?

It is not necessary to pay if you want to date.

Every dating site offers the possibility to sign up for free.

The free registration ensures that you can view the website and possibly the app before you take a membership.

What you can do with a free account differs per dating site. At one dating site for the elderly you can not see the photos and do not send messages while you can at the other dating site without paid membership.

If you want to know how a dating site works exactly, then this is possible.

When it comes to testing online dating is e-Matching a good choice.

You can use various functions on this dating site without making a payment.

This way you can receive and reply to messages without any costs. If you want you can always still take out a paid membership.

Research by Kassa

Already three years ago the TV program Kassa investigated the dating sites for seniors.

These were tested by a group of seniors who registered and assessed the ease of use.

You can view the video about the test at the Kassa site .

The dating sites that emerged as the best at the time were e-Matching, Relatieplanet and 50plusmatch.

Meanwhile, this website has made many adjustments to the websites to make it even easier to use for the older single. In three years time a lot has changed and there are more parties that serve the senior.

Vile data

When it comes to dating, it is essential to choose a reliable, clear and secure dating website.

A dating site should check the profiles manually, send the data with a secure connection, but also save the data securely. 

50liebe older men and women dating

How do I find a relationship in old age?

Dating advice for older people

Matured by life, finding a new relationship in old age may cause some problems. 

Depending on your situation, you will eventually walk around with a backpack.

 Maybe you are a widow or widower, maybe you are divorced.

 Or have you never really wanted to start a serious relationship or have you not come across ‘the real’ in all those years?

 There are perhaps 1001 reasons to mention why you are still looking for a relationship in old age, but know that you live in a beautiful time. 

This era has the internet. The place of the unlimited possibilities.

50plus dating sites

People in their younger years meet people at the skate.

They go into the pub, play sports in a gym or meet new people through their work or school.

This is usually somewhat different for the elderly

Every weekend, there is (usually) no real time and often you have been in the same workplace for years and you know the people there through and through.

The internet then offers a solution.

By registering on a dating site, you can also find a relationship fairly easily in old age.

Previously that was probably more difficult, but because of the wide range of dating related websites your new relationship is often only a few clicks away from you.

Before you register on a dating platform, it is advisable to read in carefully.

Which websites are there and where do you have to pay attention if you want to register? We have also listed the best dating sites for the elderly for you.

There are a number of interesting sites for 50+ people. A good example is the website  50plusMatch .nl.

Here you can easily find single 50-year-olds who are looking for a serious relationship.

The platform is only for seniors of at least 50 years and after registration you have unlimited access to the profiles of all users. 50plusmatch.nl is perhaps the most popular dating site among seniors and has more than two hundred new registrations per week.

The website is also easy to visit via tablet and mobile and is easy to read for everyone.Visit 50plusmatch.nl »


Register on a 50plus dating site

You can register for free at most websites.

This is recommended, because we advise you not to take a paid profile anywhere if you are not familiar with the website. After all, you never know which site you are dealing with.

There may be fake profiles on the website or there are few potential partners to be found.

That is why you can best look at a nice site where you can register free of charge.

The websites mentioned above are 100% reliable (and have a free registration) and also have the safe data quality mark.

Have you signed up and have a good feeling about the relevant 50plus site?

Then you can consider paying, so that you can use all the features that the website has to offer.

With a free account you often do not have the extensive options that you have with a paid account.

A big advantage of a site that people pay for is the fact that you are almost certain that the members have serious intentions.

With free dating sites, it sometimes happens that members register ‘for fun’.

These jokers filter you with a paid account quite easily.

After all, we assume that you are looking for something serious and do not want to waste your time with nonsensical conversations.

Also look at user experiences.

Nowadays you can easily give your opinion about a certain company or website.

These are placed on websites with experiences about dating websites when it comes to dating platforms.

It is important to read these before you register online somewhere, because based on these experiences you can determine whether you are dealing with a reliable 50plus dating website.

Incidentally, here too – more than enough reviews from others can be found at the dating sites that we have selected for you.

Where do you meet 50 people on the internet?

Internet and dating sites make dating easier.

From your lazy chair (or any other location thanks to your smartphone or tablet) you can easily get to know new people.

People you would normally never meet because, for example, you do not live or stay in the same environment.

Thanks to the dating sites you can get in touch with people you would otherwise never get to know.

However, we can also imagine that you do not like that entire internet dating event.

That you would rather meet your new relationship in the ‘normal’ way. Even then, as an elder, there are still plenty of options.

It is not that dating sites are the holy grail to come to a new relationship, of course, although it does have its advantages.

We have listed a number of alternatives for you.

Catering establishments

Young people might like to go into the pub (and maybe you do too), but you can also meet new people in other catering establishments.

For example, many elderly people find it pleasant to have a cup of coffee somewhere.

In the city, in the village, but also after a walk in a nature reserve.

Almost everywhere you can find coffee shops where you can get into conversation with a nice lady or gentleman.

Many elderly people also have a coffee shop and visit them at regular intervals.

Just look at the HEMA in your neighborhood for a joke.

You will discover that there are always the same people around the same times. Ideal way to start a conversation!

Volunteer work

Certainly the people who are already retired are pleased that they can still be involved with society and often decide to join a volunteer association.

The chores that you then carry out vary considerably and in this way you do something nice for society.

Of course it is also a perfect way to get to know new people.

Perhaps there is a nice lady or gentleman among the other volunteers, but it is also possible that you will meet someone nice during volunteer work.

Association life

Association life may die out a bit among youth, but among the elderly there are enough people who spend a lifetime at an association.

From the music association to the sports club and from the local knitting club to scouting.

Again an excellent way to get in touch with (new) people and perhaps to meet the dream partner.

Single travel

Today there are so-called single travel destinations for every target group .

So also for the elderly among us.

Together with a group of singles you go to different destinations.

There is usually a program where you can get to know each other better and outside the program there is often enough opportunity to know more about someone you have a click with.

An ideal way to get to know new people and should your dream partner not be there anyway?

Then you did have a nice holiday!

The church

Although we can again see a weakening of this in society (the youth does not have much too much with faith today), there is definitely a group of elderly people who have been brought up faithfully from home.

You may already go to church on a regular basis, but perhaps it has been pushed to the background in all those years and you have not been in church for years.

Regardless of the fact that you are re-citing your ties with God, it is also a great way to get in touch with like-minded people.

And who knows, you will meet your dream man or dream woman!

Through the children and / or grandchildren

This last possibility might not apply to everyone, but if you do have children and / or grandchildren you might just run into your new relationship through them.

You will not be the first to talk to a playground or an amusement park with another single grandfather or grandmother or father or mother.

Think also of other locations that you could visit with the (grand) children such as the cinema, the theater, a concert, etc.

All possibilities to come into contact with other single elderly people and here again applies: meet your dream partner not, then you certainly have a very nice trip with your loved ones!

Do you have a very good supplement after reading this article that we have not thought of?

Let us know via a comment under this article. Who knows, you do have the golden tip with which another reader meets his or her new relationship!

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